Required Textbooks
Students will be required to purchase text books on their own. We will be using the following books during teacher training:

Hatha Yoga Illustrated, Martin Kirk
The Path of the Yoga Sutras, Nicolai Bachman
Yamas and Niyamas, Deborah Adele
Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
Light on Pranayama, BKS Iyengar

Optional Good Reads that Will Be Referenced in the Training
Yoga Sequencing - Designing Transformative Yoga Classes, Mark Stephens
Teaching Yoga, Mark Stephens

The Language of Yoga, Nicolai Bachman
Journey Into Power, Baron Baptiste
Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar

Light on Life, BKS Iyengar

Required Materials
We encourage all participants in the teacher training program to begin to develop a self-practice of yoga. It is important teachers experience the practice in their own body. We ask participants to purchase the following props and bring to them to the first day of training:

  • Two 4” yoga blocks
  • One 8-10’ yoga strap
  • Bolster
  • Two yoga blankets