Sometimes it just takes a little motivation. We have the perfect way to motivate your practice. We have teamed up with Perkville to create a great rewards program for our students. You will receive an email from Perkville. Sign up and start receiving your powerpoints.



Earn powerpoints when you...


Attend class = 3 powerpoints


Refer a friend = 50 powerpoints


Sign up for class online = 3 powerpoints


Mention us on Facebook = 10 powerpoints


Follow us on Twitter = 20 powerpoints


Your Birthday = 20 powerpoints


Tweet about us =10 powerpoints




100 pts = FREE Class pass for a friend


150 pts = $10 off retail


150 pts = $15 off a class pass


250 pts = $20 off a class pass


250 pts = $15 off a workshop





I didn’t receive an email from Perkville, how do I get started?    You can always sign up for Perkville directly at just be sure to use the same email you use on your PPY account.


What do I say when I post to Facebook or Twitter? Share your practice! Tell your friends what you love about yoga and how it makes you feel. Share your experience, it can be anything. Be sure your posts and tweets through the Perkville site for them to be eligible for points.


How do I refer a friend?
Log into your Perkville account and follow the prompts for referring a friend. Through the Perkville website you can refer individual friends or use our address book and refer lots of friends.


How to I redeem my Perkville points? It’s easy! Just sign in to and go to the PPY section on your homepage and click “Redeem Now” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Bring your voucher or bring/show the certificate on your phone at the studio and we will credit the Perk to your account.


Can I gift my Perkville points to someone else? Sorry, Perkville points are non-transferrable.


Can I apply my Perkville points towards my monthly membership? Unfortunately, due to processing complications, we cannot apply the points towards monthly membership. Perkville points can be used towards class cards, workshops and retail.