Our Story


The story about Providence Power Yoga is this – Baptiste Yoga changed me and want to share the possibility for change with others.  Baptiste Yoga changed my perceptions about myself.  Baptiste Yoga changed how I reacted and noticed the world around me.   There was a time that I could have never have fathomed taking a yoga class,  let alone open a yoga studio.  Now I cannot imagine my life without my yoga practice, the lifelong friendships of fellow teachers and students and certainly not imagine not having this space.   Tadasana, or Mountain Pose, was a pose I would easily breeze through as I was moving through my practice.  Now I encourage students to take a moment and be in Tadasana – it can be extremely powerful to step up to the top of your mat and in on single movement have the experience of being deeply rooted but have wings to soar.  Whether you are stepping up to the top of your mat or taking a stand for  yourself at the top of your life…have the experience of having deep roots and soaring high!


At Providence Power Yoga we are rooted in the Philosophy that yoga benefits all people by creating a sense of connection with our true self. Our teachers are some of the best.  Our classes will meet you where you are in your practice.  Our space is welcoming and comfortable.

PPY Mission Statement

The mission of Providence Power Yoga is to provide a place for students to find comfort, peace and to build a strong foundation for their life.  Providence Power Yoga is committed to building a strong sense of community within the studio as well as within the community that we live and work.  As teachers at Providence Power Yoga we are committed to being good stewards – practicing our yoga in our actions both on and off the mat.